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  1. Trans Tasman Test Team!
  2. AGM & End of Year Awards!
  4. Women In Sport Camps for 2018
  5. BMXA Basic “Principles” of the 2019 Clip Pedal rule

Policies and Documents

Centenary Plains Model Rules

The Model Rules are the bi-laws of our club. They dictate all of the governing information about Centenary Plains and how we operate as a not for profit organisation.

Social Media Policy

Social media is a large part of any company or non-profit business such as Centenary Plains BMX Club. We will use various social media platforms to communicate with our members and the wider community. It is our responsibility to conform with certain guidelines regarding what we post, and also what we allow to be posted upon our pages. In the event that inappropriate material is posted by a person on social media, we will follow our policy to deal appropriately with the situation. 

Code of Conduct

As with any sporting club, we are run by volunteers who are all involved in the sport either with family members riding or are riders ourselves. The Code of Conduct details the behaviour expectations of the members, riders and parents of our club in and around our track and during events.