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nzl New Zealand
Current Team

When did you start Racing: 2012.

Achievements:  W6, W8, 8A, 7A, 6A, 1A x 3, 1Q, 1SA, 1V, 1SQ, National series winner 16 boys.

What’s your favourite Track? Sleeman SX.

Why do you love BMX? Love riding and having a good time with friends.

What famous person do you think you resemble? No one.

What is your favourite pizza? BBQ Bacon  & Onion.

What are your Super Powers? Naturally talented on a bike.

Where are your Car Keys? In the ignition.

What’s your most annoying habit? Spending money on food.

If they made a movie about your life, what actor would play you? TBA.

Do you prefer Sweet or Savoury? Sweet.

Dream Holiday Destination? Bora Bora.