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The legend himself Butch Broomfield!

When did you start Racing: I started racing BMX in 1981

Achievements:  World 3 in 1989 and World 1 in 1998. I have also been Australian Champion 8 times. I was awarded an Australian Sports Medal in 2000.

What’s your favourite Track? Any track I have won on is my favourite track.

Why do you love BMX? I love BMX because it is a sport for the whole family can participate in.

What famous person do you think you resemble? Mr Bean.

What is your favourite pizza? Must be Meat lovers.

What are your Super Powers? Being able to change from a adult to a kid in 1 second.

Where are your Car Keys? Question too hard for me?

What’s your most annoying habit? Biting my fingernails.

If they made a movie about your life, what actor would play you? Mr Bean again.

Do you prefer Sweet or Savoury? I love chocolate.

Dream Holiday Destination? Traveling all over America and racing BMX.