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  1. Trans Tasman Test Team!
  2. AGM & End of Year Awards!
  4. Women In Sport Camps for 2018
  5. BMXA Basic “Principles” of the 2019 Clip Pedal rule

Coaching Information

Bruce Morris

Bruce Morris offers coaching for young and old riders in separate groups on a Thursday Night.

5pm – 6pm 8-13 Year olds $20 each

6pm – 7pm 8-13 Year olds $20 each

7pm – 8pm 30+ riders $15 each

Bruce has years of riding experience and a genuine love of the sport. Bruce has a focus on strength and fitness training to compliment your riding ability and will help you to improve your skills no matter what level you are competing at.

Contact Bruce for bookings on 0419 960 310

Bruce Morris

Tom McClellan

Tom McClellan coaches at Centenary Plains on Monday nights.

1st session 6-7pm

2nd session 7-8pm

$15 per rider

Contact Tom McClellan on 0417 642 429