A message on the new UCI ruling from Neil Cameron, BMXA Chairman.

BMXA Basic “Principles” of the 2019 Clip Pedal rule …

1. We determine the age of a rider by what birthday they have in a current year – not on how old they are at any particular point in time.

2. The Clip Ban is “Class Specific” – Classes 12 and under are not allowed to use clips – Classes 13 and over have the choice of what pedal type they use.

3. This is a blanket rule across all BMX “racing” in Australia (this includes all race events, club/region/state training activities, gate nights etc).

4. It does not matter if an event is “age on day” or “year of birth” – statement 2 above applies.

BMX Basic “Principles” of Riding Up

5. A challenge class rider (not mini wheeler or sprocket) can “ride up” – to the pinnacle class which currently stands at 17-24 years.

6. The extreme example of this is an 8-year-old class rider can enter the 17-24 class. On the other end a 50+ class rider can enter the 17-24 class.

7. Statement 2 above applies to the class they are in, so if an 8-year-old class rider enters the 13-year class they can ride on clips.

8. No rider is allowed to ride up in any of the following events: State Championship, Australian National Series, Australian Championship, Oceania Championships, World Championship.

Common sense on how this will work

9. All classes 12 and under – “Show us your feet” when you get to staging – you will not be allowed on the gate if you have clips on.

10. All classes 13 and over – “Go to the gate” – we do not inspect a rider’s feet for clips etc.

11. Any rider who rides in any class 12 years and under who wears clips should/will be disqualified from the race meeting.

The final word …

12. No organisation (eg club, region, state) has the right to over-ride these guidelines or rules within the Australian rulebook.

I would ask all members to think carefully and be very polite when dealing with BMX Australia staff during the implementation of this rule change.

They are not responsible for these changes and I will have zero tolerance towards rude or aggressive behaviour towards the staff via any form of communication.


Neil Cameron
BMX Australia Chairman